New Podcast Hosting Platform

I’ve always loved experimenting and producing Podcasts. Especially since it’s just plain fun recording discussions with friends. As a creator, one of the most appealing aspects of podcasts is the fact that you can record sessions ahead of their release date. Once you have all the assets built out, you can just focus on content. It’s different from live streaming because podcasts can be edited. There is no video or visual component (in it’s basic form, I’m aware that some of the bigger firms utilize a video format along side their audio).

As most of you know, I’ve been using the free account on Soundcloud to host my podcasts. I’ve long hit the max ceiling for uploads allotted for free accounts, so I’ve had to hide/delete previous recordings. Which was a bummer not only for me, but for those who have collaborated with me.

Through a sponsor, I’ve migrated to a new platform that will allow me to distribute my episodes to numerous more common outlets. Peep the link on the top right of this page to check out all of my “precursor” episodes.

I’ve already recorded several episodes and am currently editing them for release though. I’m also experimenting with a new opening and closing jingle using a new tool. Still learning it though, so it’ll take some time. Stand by for the official launch of the new show soon!



Twitch Stream Changes – Part II

Now to go in depth with the other major part of my twitch stream: the text panels below the actual broadcast. Stream Text
My apologies if the text is too small to read, I wanted to really just point out the new layout and simplified headers. If you want to read the actual text, please feel free to visit my twitch channel (link above on the top right of my blog).

I’ll go from left to right. First we have twitch’s (new) channel feed. It’s basically like a status update that streamers can post on to communicate with followers and friends. When posting, you can even set it to sync up with your twitter. It’s pretty useful because hashtags work and there’s a fat button with your account’s profile image that people can click on to reach your channel. I’ve chosen to use it now since I just think the functionality is pretty awesome; it definitely saves time before a stream goes live since I don’t have to have twitter open on another tab (Although sometimes the web page version glitches and fails to post on my twitter; the app version works fine anyway though).

I’ve went for simplicity and uniformity with the headers this time around. Initially I had the battle girl art from Pokemon as the image (see my previous post). At the time I just thought it was cool art; I had intended to stream either more Nintendo content or fighting games. I’ve been going for a teal/tiffany blue/mint/aqua theme, so therefore the headers follow my overlay’s color scheme lead. Since the Donate button is clickable, I wanted a subtle way to differentiate it from the rest of the sections. Therefore, I’ve added a gold glow around the text within the header.

In terms of textual content, I’ve either revised or updated all areas. The “Rules” have been moved to the top of the list. The “About” section is now streamlined and I’ve tried to avoid having too much verbiage. I’ve also included information about the loyalty program here (instead of having its own separate section). There is also a leader board that shows both current and all time Mango point accumulation for viewers. “Schedule” and “Donate” were cleaned up a bit. I’ve added a “Tech” section that shows some of the more important parts of my PC. I also added a “Goals” panel that just sets a framework for what I aim for the channel overall and upgrades to my tech.

Annnnnd that’s pretty much it. I originally wanted to talk about my transition to Streamlabs OBS in a third blog post, but I am currently having a lot of issues with it. So I’ll hold off on that for now. I’ll post again in the future with more updates regarding the channel. Stay tuned!

Stay safe everyone and happy gaming!

Twitch Stream Changes – Part I

So I said before that I’d go more in depth into the changes to the live stream. Most of the changes are already in place, with just some minor aspects still needing work (Twitch Alerts, Loyalty Store, and Stream Stability). In general, the overlay and stream will always undergo minor tweaks moving forward. However, since this was a major overhaul, I wanted to go in depth about the updates. As mentioned before, here is the new overlay:


I went with a minimized window for the actual game play, that is mostly uninterrupted by any artificial overlay items. It also helps because output bit rate isn’t godlike right now due to my internet connection; a smaller window helps minimize drops in quality.

I reworked the “logo” on the bottom left and simplified the social media platform shout out. Twitter is the easiest for me to use; it was also very successful in driving traffic to my channel when I first started. I have a tip jar on my overlay, since I like the idea of having something more visual (as opposed to purely text based) to represent donations. Recent Follower and Recent Donation are now simplified.

The webcam is now much wider, to match “industry standards.” A lot of the other successful and bigger streams seem to have the same dimensions, so I decided to replicate that here. The angle is something I have to perfect; I don’t intend to have that much empty space in the actual shot. I just need to reconfigure my room a little at the moment, so it’s angled up like that for now.

The ride side is something that I’m still working on. I thought about keeping the chat box there to mirror twitch, but I like having something signify what game I’m playing. The constant issue is avoiding copyrighting artists’ work; so for now I went with something more aligned with official art from the developer themselves.

There’s a lot to talk about, so I’ll cut up these blog posts into 2-3 separate entries. Stay tuned in for the next post, where I go into other aspects of my new live stream.

Twitch Channel Revisions

Sup, YOteetos here! Update time!

I made the resources for my channel a very long time ago. Most of the graphical elements were put into place probably in 2015 or 2016.
WP Asset 2.16.18
After reviewing other channels and streaming for awhile, I can safely say that it is time to update the channel. It isn’t going to be completed in one day and I expect that I will constantly be changing some elements as I go.

I plan to update the text based information first, as that’s the easiest but most relevant. I still want to push my WordPress, as I enjoy this platform the most (maybe tied with Instagram). I’ll be taking focus off my YouTube for now. I’ll be putting up a stream schedule again and trying to adhere to it. The rules will still be there, but maybe shortened or updated. Donations will be revised with channel goals in mind.

I’ll also be looking into into reward systems like Revlo, as that really engaged viewers before. That will get it’s own space on the text area. I’ll also be listing out the tech I am currently using.

I really want to make the graphical assets very clean and minimalist. Probably in a shade of aqua or teal. Something straight tot he point that isn’t too distracting. Maybe keep the donations as a gif or something loud as I want it to grab attention.

With that in mind I want to transition to talking about my overlay. I’ve always used pre-made overlays and I’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you look at some of my old streams, I had a purple and gray overlay that I really liked: a smaller window for the actual stream, a designated box for my webcam, and chat on the actual stream. I like the idea that people can watch the stream full screen, and I like having the actual chat be a part of the presentation. Since I was having some technical issues yesterday, I resorted to using a temporary overlay. Peep the picture below for an example.


Although I definitely think it looks super clean, I’m not really happy with it. My quality isn’t high, so having the game play on a smaller screen really helps out. Having the chat on screen with a transparent background is ugly to me, and it’s a bit blurry in its current configuration.

I’ll also be taking a new profile picture soon, I already have some ideas for incorporating my streamer handle as well (Don’t have an official logo yet, that’s an ongoing project that won’t be finished anytime soon). I also want to update the banner and offline picture. Still have to brainstorm for those, but again, I want to be a bit more simple with any future assets.

And that’s it, thanks for reading up to this point. Just wanted to give you, the viewer/reader, a small peek behind the scenes!

Till next time, fellow gamers!

Hyped for the Super Nintendo Classic Console

Edit: My initial pre-order was indeed canceled. BUT I was able to line up and buy one from Target. Check out my Instagram for the picture I posted when we were able to get it! Warning, I look pretty tired. I should play mine more often, I played it heavily the month I got it though.



Happy Sunday Everyone!

I was recently able to pre-order the Super Nintendo Classic Console this past Friday (fingers crossed that it won’t be canceled).

I’m sure by now, most of you will know that Nintendo announced that they were releasing a retro Super Nintendo console which is a throwback to the original that was released in the early 90s. With the same idea as the NES console re-release, this version will be smaller and will be pre-loaded with some of the console’s most popular releases. Some examples are Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and Contra III Alien Wars.

Like most Nintendo products, pre-orders are a must. The original NES console re-release was plagued with availability issues; it was and still is a very rare commodity in the wild. I highly suggest everyone to visit Best Buy, Target, Amazon etc and sign up for email notifications. Have your credit card information ready and be ready to make a quick purchase when it becomes available. Utilize twitter and every tool available for you to ensure you have the best chances of finding a pre-order. is also a very great tool: you can set email and text notifications for various “rare” products.

I grew up on the Super Nintendo, and many of my fondest memories stem from that console. The Super Nintendo was my first console and I’m very excited to own one again. Check out the pictures for the retail box art and included games!


Podcasts – An Increased Focus


Hello Everyone! I’m hoping the weekend was great for everyone. And for those of you who attended EVO in Las Vegas, I hope all the practice you put into the lab perpetuated in your battles! I was actually really hyped to see at least more more American player make it to top 8 versus last year.

I wanted to come in and blog about how I’m really starting to favor creating podcasts versus everything else. I know most of my followers and friends have probably met me through live streaming, which by the way I still plan to do, but podcasts are starting to be my favorite form of media to produce at the moment. It’s really because my schedule is really wonky now. I’m in the middle of a transition for work, and I’ve joined a gym again with some buddies. Podcasts allow me to produce content ahead of time and release them per a schedule, which is great! Technically YouTube videos also allow the same type of flexibility, but they still require more time producing. I’ve actually had a couple videos that were meant to be released, but I held back on them for different reasons. I’ll be working on releasing more content on YouTube in the near future though.

For now, check out my Soundcloud (“Podcast” link on the top of my WordPress), and stand by for when I go live on my stream. Most likely I’ll be streaming on weekends for now. You can also check out my instagram, I’m the most active on there with stories and posts in general.

I hope your summer vacation/classes/jobs are going well. See you next blog post!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Promotional Giveaway at Target

This Saturday (November 19th, 2016), trainers can pick up a Promotional Pokemon tcg card featuring Pikachu. They can also pick up a poster featuring Sun and Moon art. The card is pretty usable in my opinion due to Pikachu having 70 hp, which is higher than typical starting basic Pokemon. Its first attack, Thunder Wave, is also pretty decent as it can cause paralysis. Plus it has pretty nice art and sports the franchise mascot, Pikachu. The poster also has superb art, hopefully we will see it on other tcg and video game accessories. They will also have a display of some sort that you can take pictures with. This time it’ll be of the starters from the new Sun and Moon games. If it is anything like the past, it’ll be a cardboard cut out.

If you’re in the area, make sure to check out the giveaway. It is limited to one per person, so take a friend or relative!

Here is the official link on the Pokemon website for reference: