Pokemon Let’s Go Games Confirmed – Thoughts

Yesterday, the official Pokemon twitter posted that a press conference was occurring in Tokyo, Japan. This conference confirmed a major rumor that was floating around in past weeks on the Switch subreddit. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s go Eevee are re-imaginings of Pokemon Yellow for the original Nintendo Gameboy. They aren’t remakes, but more like new games in the series. While you venture through generation I’s Kanto region, gameplay is different from the original Gameboy games. As stated in previous news leaks, these new titles will incorporate game play from the Pokemon GO smartphone app based games. The opening … Continue reading Pokemon Let’s Go Games Confirmed – Thoughts

Holidays are over!

Hello Everyone! Holidays were crazy for me. I had too many events that I was attending; most of my time was spent either prepping or recovering from everything. I hope everyone had a fantastic time too; and that none of you are too exhausted on your first week back at school or work. Although I have been active on Instagram (IG story, pictures, videos), most of my projects were put on freeze. I’d like to announce that now that the holiday season is over, I am tackling those projects again. First up is a podcast and collection of video clips … Continue reading Holidays are over!

Pokemon TCG Regionals is finally over!

Pokemon Regionals is finally over! It was an exhausting weekend, but it was definitely fun. I spent months prepping for this event, just to see if I could perform well. My final placement was 125 out of around 390 or more. Not bad for a beginner! I recorded video clips and took pictures, but I am organizing them into some content that I will post here and on my other creative platforms. I will also be recording a podcast with my friend on our thoughts of our performances during the tournament. Stay tuned for more content regarding my trip to … Continue reading Pokemon TCG Regionals is finally over!

More TCG Regionals Practice – Recap

Hello everyone! Regionals Prep continues with more in person events to practice paper. Grinding Pokemon TCG Online is one thing, but playing with actual cards is a whole other beast. This past weekend, Danny and I went to two separate events for practice. The first, I played a standard version of my deck (which arguably is the harder format for me). It was a smaller turnout, but I ended up going undefeated, winning my first local tournament. It was exciting, but I feel like I just lucked out and my opponents’ decks locked up or didn’t perform well. I faced … Continue reading More TCG Regionals Practice – Recap

Today’s Sun and Moon Trailer was… Awesome.

Before you continue on, please watch the trailer here. Spoilers will commence afterwards. You have been warned! SPOILERS: ========= The newest trailer that was released today showcased the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon. These were previously leaked via concept art, so I personally wasn’t too surprised. Originally, I thought that only the grass starter looked interesting. However, after seeing the official art and in game animations, I can say that the fire Pokemon has grown on me. The water Pokemon, while being generally unique, just isn’t as cool as previous water starters to me. Decidueye, the grass Pokemon, is … Continue reading Today’s Sun and Moon Trailer was… Awesome.