More TCG Regionals Practice – Recap

Hello everyone!

Regionals Prep continues with more in person events to practice paper. Grinding Pokemon TCG Online is one thing, but playing with actual cards is a whole other beast.

This past weekend, Danny and I went to two separate events for practice. The first, I played a standard version of my deck (which arguably is the harder format for me). It was a smaller turnout, but I ended up going undefeated, winning my first local tournament. It was exciting, but I feel like I just lucked out and my opponents’ decks locked up or didn’t perform well. I faced Greninja, Marowak/Zygarde, and a Mega Rayquaza deck. Ended up scoring three Steam Siege packs for the victory!

Later that night, Danny and I ended up participating at another local tournament; this time it was expanded format. I played against Malamar, Volcanion, Mega Gardevoir, and Mega Mewtwo.  I suffered hard losses versus Volcanion (didn’t draw into any of my supporters and my hand locked up) and Mega Mewtwo (tough match up for me every time). For Regionals, I perceive that most of my match ups will be either Dark, Fairy, or Psychic. Anytime I face these on paper, I am happy since it gives me much needed experience.

With only a little over a week left to prepare for Regionals, I am attending an expanded League Challenge this Saturday. I hope that everyone brings out their best decks, because it’ll be the last real practice I’ll have before the big day.

I’ll post after this Saturday’s tournament, wish me luck!

Also, I hope everyone is enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon! Still working through the story, so I’ll save my thoughts till after I beat the game.