Podcast – Episode 3

I’ve been producing a podcast show and we are already on episode 3! Check out the episode here

All other episodes can be accessed on that page too! Check the highlighted area in this picture:

YOteetosPodcast 3

All podcasts can also be accessed through the link on the upper right corner of my blog as well!

Podcast Link

Have a great weekend everyone, catch you on the next stream!


New Podcast Hosting Platform

I’ve always loved experimenting and producing Podcasts. Especially since it’s just plain fun recording discussions with friends. As a creator, one of the most appealing aspects of podcasts is the fact that you can record sessions ahead of their release date. Once you have all the assets built out, you can just focus on content. It’s different from live streaming because podcasts can be edited. There is no video or visual component (in it’s basic form, I’m aware that some of the bigger firms utilize a video format along side their audio).

As most of you know, I’ve been using the free account on Soundcloud to host my podcasts. I’ve long hit the max ceiling for uploads allotted for free accounts, so I’ve had to hide/delete previous recordings. Which was a bummer not only for me, but for those who have collaborated with me.

Through a sponsor, I’ve migrated to a new platform that will allow me to distribute my episodes to numerous more common outlets. Peep the link on the top right of this page to check out all of my “precursor” episodes.

I’ve already recorded several episodes and am currently editing them for release though. I’m also experimenting with a new opening and closing jingle using a new tool. Still learning it though, so it’ll take some time. Stand by for the official launch of the new show soon!


Podcasts – An Increased Focus


Hello Everyone! I’m hoping the weekend was great for everyone. And for those of you who attended EVO in Las Vegas, I hope all the practice you put into the lab perpetuated in your battles! I was actually really hyped to see at least more more American player make it to top 8 versus last year.

I wanted to come in and blog about how I’m really starting to favor creating podcasts versus everything else. I know most of my followers and friends have probably met me through live streaming, which by the way I still plan to do, but podcasts are starting to be my favorite form of media to produce at the moment. It’s really because my schedule is really wonky now. I’m in the middle of a transition for work, and I’ve joined a gym again with some buddies. Podcasts allow me to produce content ahead of time and release them per a schedule, which is great! Technically YouTube videos also allow the same type of flexibility, but they still require more time producing. I’ve actually had a couple videos that were meant to be released, but I held back on them for different reasons. I’ll be working on releasing more content on YouTube in the near future though.

For now, check out my Soundcloud (“Podcast” link on the top of my WordPress), and stand by for when I go live on my stream. Most likely I’ll be streaming on weekends for now. You can also check out my instagram, I’m the most active on there with stories and posts in general.

I hope your summer vacation/classes/jobs are going well. See you next blog post!

We meet again.

Hello everyone! We have so much to catch up on!

I’m going to recording a podcast episode this week to elaborate on what exactly I’ve been up to, but I wanted to take the chance to say hello!

Yes, I still play video games. I am currently in the market for an upgraded capture card as well so that I can stream my… Nintendo Switch! Yes I’ve had one for at least a month now. Breath of the Wild is an amazing game.

I hope everyone is doing well wherever they are. Good luck with your careers and for those on summer break, enjoy freedom!!


Resurrection of Facebook Page


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick post announcing the return of my Facebook page. What I said in my update video before is still relevant, and this will probably not effect too many people. I’ve recreated my Facebook page under a different URL. It will just serve as a simple page that redirects to the other “arms” of my creative content machine. It will also allow for an easy way for my audience to experience my media or connect with me, especially if they aren’t on my other social media platforms.

In any case, thank you for the continued support. See you in the next video or podcast!


Weiss Schwarz – Interview with WGP2016 Qualifier!


This is going to be the audio version of an interview I hosted with one of my close friends. He plays within our TCG group and qualified at this year’s Weiss Schwarz Regional Tournament. This interview was produced by me and uploaded on the TriggercheckWS YouTube channel. Check out the conversation, especially if you’re familiar with Weiss Schwarz!

Happy Monday everyone!

Weiss Schwarz WGP 2016 Regional Qualifier Interview

Episode 4 of the Podcast


Just uploaded episode 4 of my podcast show. The quality is a bit different this time around since Danny and I recorded off my phone when we were on the road. Please note that there is a slight error in the recording: it was actually episode 5 and 6 of Pokemon Generations this past week. I’ll leave it at that! Spoiler warning ahead, please watch the episodes if before you listen to our discussion!

Podcast Episode 4