Hyped for the Super Nintendo Classic Console

Edit: My initial pre-order was indeed canceled. BUT I was able to line up and buy one from Target. Check out my Instagram for the picture I posted when we were able to get it! Warning, I look pretty tired. I should play mine more often, I played it heavily the month I got it though.



Happy Sunday Everyone!

I was recently able to pre-order the Super Nintendo Classic Console this past Friday (fingers crossed that it won’t be canceled).

I’m sure by now, most of you will know that Nintendo announced that they were releasing a retro Super Nintendo console which is a throwback to the original that was released in the early 90s. With the same idea as the NES console re-release, this version will be smaller and will be pre-loaded with some of the console’s most popular releases. Some examples are Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and Contra III Alien Wars.

Like most Nintendo products, pre-orders are a must. The original NES console re-release was plagued with availability issues; it was and still is a very rare commodity in the wild. I highly suggest everyone to visit Best Buy, Target, Amazon etc and sign up for email notifications. Have your credit card information ready and be ready to make a quick purchase when it becomes available. Utilize twitter and every tool available for you to ensure you have the best chances of finding a pre-order. Nowinstock.net is also a very great tool: you can set email and text notifications for various “rare” products.

I grew up on the Super Nintendo, and many of my fondest memories stem from that console. The Super Nintendo was my first console and I’m very excited to own one again. Check out the pictures for the retail box art and included games!



Pokemon Sun and Moon Promotional Giveaway at Target

This Saturday (November 19th, 2016), trainers can pick up a Promotional Pokemon tcg card featuring Pikachu. They can also pick up a poster featuring Sun and Moon art. The card is pretty usable in my opinion due to Pikachu having 70 hp, which is higher than typical starting basic Pokemon. Its first attack, Thunder Wave, is also pretty decent as it can cause paralysis. Plus it has pretty nice art and sports the franchise mascot, Pikachu. The poster also has superb art, hopefully we will see it on other tcg and video game accessories. They will also have a display of some sort that you can take pictures with. This time it’ll be of the starters from the new Sun and Moon games. If it is anything like the past, it’ll be a cardboard cut out.

If you’re in the area, make sure to check out the giveaway. It is limited to one per person, so take a friend or relative!

Here is the official link on the Pokemon website for reference: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/pokemon-sun-and-pokemon-moon-blast-off-at-target/

Nintendo Switch Console Reveal

Nintendo finally announced more details about their new main console this morning via YouTube. They released a live action trailer showcasing the different features of the new console. The console seems to be an evolution of one of the main ideas behind the Wii U: having the utility of a tablet-like device to be used as a screen.

Customers will be able to dock their device at home and play on their tv; they will also be able to undock the tablet part of the console and play on the go, much like the 3DS handheld side of Nintendo’s gaming console line up. The default controller can be taken apart and reattached to either side of the tablet; which makes it resemble other portable consoles like the Sony Vita. Apparently the controllers can also be used unattached to the tablet, allowing the user to prop up the tablet at a distance and use the controllers like wii motes.

The trailer also shows situations where players can play with local multiplayer, either on the same device or on multiple tablets. The trailer showcases multiple players playing Mario Kart on a single device, NBA 2K17 on two devices, and Splatoon with 8 players playing in a tournament setting! The games shown were Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Mario Kart, NBA 2K17, Mario (it looks like a new title in the main line of games), and Splatoon. The ports of older wii u titles sporting what looks to be new additions to game play.

Overall, I’m excited. I can’t wait for it to release, but I really hope that the Nintendo Switch delivers on what it promises.

Check out my impressions video here!

Announcement: YouTube Video Monetization and Donation Button


Just wanted to put it out there that I am starting to have ads on my YouTube videos. I hadn’t activated them until now because I really just wanted to build up my portfolio. I was actually pushed to do it because Nintendo starting monetizing off of my recent Mario Kart footage; which is fine, I knew they would eventually.

I still want to make content surrounding Nintendo products, so s’all good.

I also added a donation link on the top right of my blog. When users donate, they will be automatically added to my stream overlay for when I go live on twitch. Most recent donation will stay continuously until someone else donates; but I have the system set to cycle through recent donors as well.

In any case, I wanted to put it out there so I didn’t seem sneaky. I love all my content viewers, and my primary motivation is still to put content out there for reasons other than making CASHMONEY$$$.

BUT, all donations and support will go to making all of my content better. I assume most people have Ad Block on anyway lols.

Anyway, I am working on a short unboxing video for a 3DS Cover Plate I got earlier this year. I am working on not making it boring, so bare with me for now. Cheers!

Pokemon Generations Anime Announcement


This morning, the official Pokemon YouTube account uploaded a trailer for an anime miniseries titled Pokemon Generations.

From September 16th to December 23rd, 2016 there will be 3 to 5 minute episode released every week.

Based on the trailer and the video description, this series will most likely showcase various events seen in the games. An example seen in the trailer is the battle between Green/Blue/Gary and Lance of the Kanto Elite Four. The art style is very reminiscent of the Pokemon Origins Anime mini series that aired in 2013 to promote the release of Pokemon X and Y.

… Which is a very good thing.

Pokemon Origins was a different take on the original adventure set in Pokemon Red/Green/Blue. The anime was more “mature” than the mainstream series with Ash. Red mirrored his namesake in the games, with a robust team and was shown to be a very competent trainer. The music, locales, and many parts of the anime closely resembled the original games (save for one part, but that was to help promote Pokemon X and Y). I highly suggest you guys and girls check out Pokemon Origins, especially if you started playing in the mid 90s.


Here is the Generations Trailer link from the official Pokemon YouTube account: Pokémon Generations Trailer

Last Night’s Live Stream


Finally streamed last night, the first of which in what seemed like an eternity. I have been going live from time to time this past month, but that was mostly to test out stream quality.I’m finally pretty satisfied with how the stream is presented. The next step is to organize the webcam and everything into a nice overlay. I’m hoping to get that finalized by today.

Thank you for all my regulars that came into the stream, I appreciate the love! I thought it was pretty fun starting contests for people to bet their “Mangoes” on; Mangoes are part of my viewer loyalty system. I will be brainstorming on better prizes to have for people in the future.

I am also looking for more mods to help regulate and populate the chat; if you’re interested, chat with me when I stream. We can talk over twitch messages after that point. I only have a few requirements for now:

  1. Be active in chat
  2. A regular viewer
  3. Help mitigate the chaos that can erupt from random viewers coming in and spreading negativity

I am still working on updating my stream schedule. For the best chance of catching me online, follow me on twitter. You can also bookmark this blog or follow me if you have  a WordPress account.

Last night’s stream can be viewed here: 9.6.16 Twitch Stream