We meet again.

Hello everyone! We have so much to catch up on!

I’m going to recording a podcast episode this week to elaborate on what exactly I’ve been up to, but I wanted to take the chance to say hello!

Yes, I still play video games. I am currently in the market for an upgraded capture card as well so that I can stream my… Nintendo Switch! Yes I’ve had one for at least a month now. Breath of the Wild is an amazing game.

I hope everyone is doing well wherever they are. Good luck with your careers and for those on summer break, enjoy freedom!!



Holidays are over!

Hello Everyone!

Holidays were crazy for me. I had too many events that I was attending; most of my time was spent either prepping or recovering from everything. I hope everyone had a fantastic time too; and that none of you are too exhausted on your first week back at school or work.

Although I have been active on Instagram (IG story, pictures, videos), most of my projects were put on freeze. I’d like to announce that now that the holiday season is over, I am tackling those projects again. First up is a podcast and collection of video clips from Pokemon TCG Regionals that took place last month.

Cheers to the New Years! See you soon.

Resurrection of Facebook Page


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick post announcing the return of my Facebook page. What I said in my update video before is still relevant, and this will probably not effect too many people. I’ve recreated my Facebook page under a different URL. It will just serve as a simple page that redirects to the other “arms” of my creative content machine. It will also allow for an easy way for my audience to experience my media or connect with me, especially if they aren’t on my other social media platforms.

In any case, thank you for the continued support. See you in the next video or podcast!


Episode 4 of the Podcast


Just uploaded episode 4 of my podcast show. The quality is a bit different this time around since Danny and I recorded off my phone when we were on the road. Please note that there is a slight error in the recording: it was actually episode 5 and 6 of Pokemon Generations this past week. I’ll leave it at that! Spoiler warning ahead, please watch the episodes if before you listen to our discussion!

Podcast Episode 4

Twitch, YouTube, and Podcast Goals


Happy Friday!

I wanted to layout some of my goals that I currently have for my creative content. The goals for my Twitch will also be refined and posted on my information section on the channel. Always on the road of progression!


  1. Reach 100 Followers
  2. Qualify for at least one donation
  3. Find at least 2 more mods for the channel
  4. Find a decent Super Mario Maker Que System/Add-On


  1. Reach 100 Subscribers so I can qualify for a custom URL
  2. Start a Let’s Play series
  3. Upload a highlights video from my Zombi play through (currently under review for quality reasons, may be canceled)
  4. Attempt at least one game review


  1. Record one solo Podcast
  2. Record a Podcast with at least one guest
  3. Keep brainstorming relevant topics to discuss


Edited on 9.14.16 for completed/revised items

The end of my Facebook page

I spoke about this in my recent status update, but I just wanted to cover a bit more.

After some thought, I have decided to formally close my Facebook page. It was effective in what it was originally set out to do: push for initial support on my Twitch stream and YouTube channel. It also served as my original home base or hub for the rest of my content.

Just the face that it was on Facebook meant that it was easy to access for people. All you had to do is “Like” the page, and you would be notified whenever the page’s owner posted something. I am almost certain the content would also be pushed onto your news feed. It also carried the prestige and recognition that people associate with the brand of Facebook in general.

… but its super cluttered. Premium services are pushed on admins to help “advertise.” There are links to other “similar” pages; I just checked, and all the ones on the page are for restaurants – Huh? It is pretty limited in format, and you can’t have cool widgits linking to other social media platforms. Changing your URL carries limitations too.

I’ll just be happy to disconnect for awhile. I’m really liking my WordPress so far, hopefully it surpasses my original Facebook page in terms of being able to connect with my audience.