Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Event and My First League Challenge

I attended two Pokemon Pre-Release events towards the end of last month. I had never attended Pre-Release events for any trading card games. The only events I attended before were local weekly tournaments, side tournaments at conventions, and the occasional regional event (all of which were for Weiss Schwarz).  I’m not sure if it was merely the fact that the store I went to had a very healthy Pokemon TCG community, but it was crowded and hectic. The line that had formed outside the store prior to opening was  pretty long!

At Pre-Release events for Pokemon, you are required to build a 40 card deck with the cards your receive; 4 booster packs and a pool of sealed cards (which seemed to change depending on the promo card you pulled.) Energy cards are supplied by the tournament organizer and can be kept when the event is over. At the event, we were told that  we could have more than 4 x a specific card in our decks (referring to Pokemon and Trainer cards). Matches were to be played with only 4 prize cards, instead of the usual 6. The tournament would consist of 3 rounds. You were given a short time period  to construct your deck. At the conclusion of your rounds, you would be rewarded 3 additional booster packs for your participation.

I lucked out and was able to pull the Charizard promo, which was my main purpose of attending the event. The card itself was worth the most out of all the promos, and it had sentimental value to me due to owning a first edition holographic Charizard back in the day. The cards that were included with my Promo were a pool of fire and poison Pokemon. I opted to make a Poison/Colorless deck; since I figured it would be much more simpler and faster deck to play.

Nidoran male and his evolutions were my main attackers. I stalled with Ghastly and Haunter, with the rest of the Pokemon. My goal was to get Nidoking up as fast as possible, while hoping my opponent wasn’t running Psychic since it was my deck’s main weakness. I fought against a fighting deck structured around Hitmonchan, a double color deck with Mew and Clefairy, and a fighting deck with Machamp. I ended up completing the event without a single loss, beating most of my opponents because I was able to get Nidoking out quickly and sweep their team. In the end, it was all for fun since it didn’t count for points to qualify for Worlds. It was pretty awesome winning with the cards that I played with when I was a kid though. Included are pictures of my deck , and the cards I pulled! IMG_0749.JPGIMG_0750.JPGIMG_0751.JPGIMG_0752.JPGIMG_0753.JPGIMG_0754.JPGimg_0756IMG_0759.JPG


I ended up attending a second Pre-Release event as well. I pulled the Mewtwo Promo, which is the second most valued promo for the event. I piloted a deck centered around Poliwrath, but didn’t pull any great supplemental trainer/Pokemon evolution lines. I ended up losing all of my matches, but pulled a Full Art Mega Blastoise and Nidoking Break. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures  for that pool of cards. My main purpose of going to the card store that day was to enter my first League Challenge in preparation for the big regional tournament in December. Despite the format being standard and having to run cards that were less than optimum, I managed to pull a 4-2 win loss ratio. Not bad for a beginner!

Till next time! Happy Gaming!


Today’s Sun and Moon Trailer was… Awesome.

Before you continue on, please watch the trailer here. Spoilers will commence afterwards. You have been warned!



The newest trailer that was released today showcased the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon. These were previously leaked via concept art, so I personally wasn’t too surprised. Originally, I thought that only the grass starter looked interesting. However, after seeing the official art and in game animations, I can say that the fire Pokemon has grown on me. The water Pokemon, while being generally unique, just isn’t as cool as previous water starters to me.

Decidueye, the grass Pokemon, is of the Grass/Ghost type. It is basically an owl archer that rocks a grass hoodie. How cool is that design?! Its signature attack prevents opponents from fleeing.

Incineroar, the fire Pokemon, is of the Fire/Dark type. It looks to be a sort of humanoid cat wrestler. I am trouble figuring out why this one is actually a dark type. Sure it has the visual ques, but why? It almost seems like it was supposed to be a fighting type. The design, although looking better in use vs original concept art, reminds me too much of previous Fire/Fighting starters. It actually reminds me a lot of Embroar’s design and color scheme. Its signature attack ignores opponent stat boosts.

Primarina, the water Pokemon, is of the Water/Fairy type. It seems to be a mermaid/diva. The water line did not at all interest me this generation. The designs of the base form and 1st evolution remind me of the various seal Pokemon that have released before. Being a Fairy type is interesting though, since it was a new type that was released in the X/Y generation for balancing issues. Its signature attack heals burn statuses (that seems very niche to me).

Although starter Pokemon are notorious for not being “playable” in high levels of competitive play, I am interested to see which of the three would be the best choice when considering this year’s VGC tournaments. The format dictates that you may only use Pokemon found in the Aloha Pokedex, so there is a good chance that one of these could be utilized. I am most likely going to use Decidueye, which is the first grass starter to interest me in a very long time. We will have to see if its signature attack synergies with its stat pool or move set.

I just wanted to also talk about the parts of the trailer. Island guardians look pretty cool! I guess they are either legendary or pseudo legendaries. One was shown summoning a giant body made of light, with the island guardian becoming the head. Z moves do not seem to look as funny when done by the female trainer. Being able to visit the construction site of the Pokemon League causes me to believe that it won’t be in the actual game; it’s still great that they included that part as a throwback to older titles. The battle theme that has been heard through most if not all of the trailers also sounds great; I can’t see myself getting tired of it anytime soon.

And seeing Red and Blue was fantastic. I guess this game is set in the future, as both trainers look like they are in their mid 20s or older. Red sadly does not look as epic as he did on Mt. Silver, but I’ll take what I can get.

I seriously can’t wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Nintendo Switch Console Reveal

Nintendo finally announced more details about their new main console this morning via YouTube. They released a live action trailer showcasing the different features of the new console. The console seems to be an evolution of one of the main ideas behind the Wii U: having the utility of a tablet-like device to be used as a screen.

Customers will be able to dock their device at home and play on their tv; they will also be able to undock the tablet part of the console and play on the go, much like the 3DS handheld side of Nintendo’s gaming console line up. The default controller can be taken apart and reattached to either side of the tablet; which makes it resemble other portable consoles like the Sony Vita. Apparently the controllers can also be used unattached to the tablet, allowing the user to prop up the tablet at a distance and use the controllers like wii motes.

The trailer also shows situations where players can play with local multiplayer, either on the same device or on multiple tablets. The trailer showcases multiple players playing Mario Kart on a single device, NBA 2K17 on two devices, and Splatoon with 8 players playing in a tournament setting! The games shown were Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Mario Kart, NBA 2K17, Mario (it looks like a new title in the main line of games), and Splatoon. The ports of older wii u titles sporting what looks to be new additions to game play.

Overall, I’m excited. I can’t wait for it to release, but I really hope that the Nintendo Switch delivers on what it promises.

Check out my impressions video here!

Pokemon TCG and Evolutions Pre-Release

Hello Hello Everyone!

I decided to buy into Pokemon TCG and give the competitive scene a shot. My goal now is to place in the top percentage at a Regional placement tournament nearby. It has always been a long dream to actually perform well at the competitive scene for Pokemon. I’ve joined one VGC before, and watched another as a participant; school and life always used to get in the way though. I wanted to spectate at the Pokemon TCG World Championship Tournament this year, since it was actually very close by. However, with the delayed announcement that it wouldn’t be open to the public, my dreams were crushed.

My original purpose was to buy into the game as cheap as possible, but I soon realized that would only get me so far. I built a Charizard deck, but it didn’t perform as consistently as I liked. So after purchasing two sets of the Rayquaza vs Keldeo Battle Arena Decks (check out my overview here), I decided to single out cards to make one of the top decks. I also replicated it on the online format, so that I can go against a lot of the top decks in the meta. I am still testing my build out; I’ll hold comments back on which deck that I am building for now.

More details to come soon!


Resurrection of Facebook Page


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick post announcing the return of my Facebook page. What I said in my update video before is still relevant, and this will probably not effect too many people. I’ve recreated my Facebook page under a different URL. It will just serve as a simple page that redirects to the other “arms” of my creative content machine. It will also allow for an easy way for my audience to experience my media or connect with me, especially if they aren’t on my other social media platforms.

In any case, thank you for the continued support. See you in the next video or podcast!


Weiss Schwarz – Interview with WGP2016 Qualifier!


This is going to be the audio version of an interview I hosted with one of my close friends. He plays within our TCG group and qualified at this year’s Weiss Schwarz Regional Tournament. This interview was produced by me and uploaded on the TriggercheckWS YouTube channel. Check out the conversation, especially if you’re familiar with Weiss Schwarz!

Happy Monday everyone!

Weiss Schwarz WGP 2016 Regional Qualifier Interview