Holidays are over!

Hello Everyone! Holidays were crazy for me. I had too many events that I was attending; most of my time was spent either prepping or recovering from everything. I hope everyone had a fantastic time too; and that none of you are too exhausted on your first week back at school or work. Although I have been active on Instagram (IG story, pictures, videos), most of my projects were put on freeze. I’d like to announce that now that the holiday season is over, I am tackling those projects again. First up is a podcast and collection of video clips … Continue reading Holidays are over!

Pokemon TCG Regionals is finally over!

Pokemon Regionals is finally over! It was an exhausting weekend, but it was definitely fun. I spent months prepping for this event, just to see if I could perform well. My final placement was 125 out of around 390 or more. Not bad for a beginner! I recorded video clips and took pictures, but I am organizing them into some content that I will post here and on my other creative platforms. I will also be recording a podcast with my friend on our thoughts of our performances during the tournament. Stay tuned for more content regarding my trip to … Continue reading Pokemon TCG Regionals is finally over!

Pokemon Video Game Championship Series 2017 Season News

New rules for this year’s VGC format was released today via the Pokemon website. Rules state that all battles will be played with Pokemon Sun or Moon. It will be Double Battles and Alola regional Pokemon only. Z-Crystals (one time powerful moves) and Mega Stones are not allowed. These rules, as well as the Pokemon game play trailer released today, confirm that Mega forms are back in the game. This contradicts my initial assumption that Z Cystals would have replaced Mega Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y, as I stated in episode 2 of my Podcast. Some legendaries and mythical … Continue reading Pokemon Video Game Championship Series 2017 Season News

Weekend Recap – TCG Kickback

Story time! This past weekend, a couple friends and I had a small kickback. Basically an ode to the time when we all used to play TCGs heavily. Two to three years ago, we started playing a trading card game called Weiss Schwarz. It was mainly of Japanese origin, you had to use translation sheets to figure the cards out. To me, it was like Super Smash Bros (or any crossover video game), since the whole point was to take your favorite anime or video game characters and duke it out with your friends’ favorite characters. Bushiroad, the company that created … Continue reading Weekend Recap – TCG Kickback