It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that all YOteetos content will be taken down. In recent months, I’ve experienced many changes in different aspects of my life. I had to assess what my goals were for the future and creating content was no longer part of that vision. It was a fantastic ride and I’ve made many friends through Twitch and social media under the YOteetos brand. Creating content was merely a dream I had during college and the years following my graduation. I’m very proud that I acted on that dream. I learned a lot … Continue reading Farewell~

Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 – Selective Recap and Impressions

The Nintendo Direct that just aired has given me mixed emotions. On one hand, I am excited for new releases that are in the pipeline. On the other, I am disappointed by the lack of information for some of the existing products, such as the online service. I won’t go entirely in depth with every single announcement, but you can view the Direct here. Notable Switch Games The Direct opened up with footage from Luigi’s Mansion 3, the latest iteration in Nintendo’s ghost busting series. There were improved graphics, plenty of detail in the new mansion, and new gameplay mechanics … Continue reading Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 – Selective Recap and Impressions

Nintendo Switch Online Paid Service Goes Live on September 18th

Nintendo has finally started to follow Microsoft and Sony’s online premium service model after years of offering free internet service. From the days of the Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo has never charged to play its games online; that goes for both portable and home consoles. The change goes live this month on the 18th. Nintendo of America has announced on its official twitter channel that a Nintendo Direct will be released tomorrow detailing more about the premium services. Games that will be eligible for this service include the likes of Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms, Pokken Tournament DX and … Continue reading Nintendo Switch Online Paid Service Goes Live on September 18th

Pokémon Let’s Go – Too Simple and Easy?

Back in May when Pokémon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee were announced, I was completely on board the hype train. However, I’ve seen started developing doubt regarding these titles, going as far as to possibly reconsider my pre-order. I hailed the games as a “good play by Nintendo” because it was certainly aimed on bringing in the more casual Pokémon GO players to playing the console based games. Pokémon Let’s Go was always meant to be a more simple experience, devoid of more complex mechanics such as IV/EV points. However, as the steady stream of trailers are released … I … Continue reading Pokémon Let’s Go – Too Simple and Easy?

Amazon Canceling its Prime Discount on Video Games – Substitute Program Restrictive

Amazon announced that it will be canceling its discount on video games on August 28th for Prime users. Originally offering a 20% discount on all video game pre-orders and new releases within a two week window, Amazon has slowly cut benefits. A year ago, limited and collector’s editions were no longer eligible for discount. Later in the year, the two week window for new releases was removed. Remasters of games were eventually excluded. Twitch Prime, which is another branch of the Amazon Prime program that is geared towards gamers, is also receiving a change at a later date in the form … Continue reading Amazon Canceling its Prime Discount on Video Games – Substitute Program Restrictive

Battlefield V – Impressions

I recently played the closed alpha for Battlefield V. Though I didn’t get many hours in ( I probably clocked in under 2 hours) I have some impressions of the game. I’ve played Battlefield Bad Company, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1. I put most my hours in on Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4. I played mostly on Xbox 360, eventually upgrading to Xbox One for Battlefield 4. I’ve switched to keyboard and mouse for Battlefield 1; that’s the format that I played Battlefield V on. I only played Conquest mode, since I … Continue reading Battlefield V – Impressions

Mario Tennis Aces – A rocky start, but steadily getting better

I’ve clocked more than 20 hours into Mario Tennis Aces (3+ hours for the stress test demo as well) and have played since launch. I’ve completed the story mode and most of the challenges. I’ve completed all offline com tournaments, played swing mode, challenged other doubles team with couch co op, played on every court with and without hazards, played singles and doubles with a friend online (only vs NPCs, a short sight by Camelot/Nintendo for sure) put in a significant chunk of time with online tournaments with various characters (mostly standard, but some simple too). I’ve played all the iterations … Continue reading Mario Tennis Aces – A rocky start, but steadily getting better