Green Screen : Final Decision

Aren’t you lucky, two posts in one day!

I’ve been spending time reworking my streaming set up. Ultimately I chose to invest in a green screen and a couple of soft box lamps. Go big or go home, right?

Working a couple issues on the software side of the stream, my most previous “test” stream had a very laggy game capture come through.

Peep the pic below to see a sample of the quality. It looks really clean. My room has more space too, which is always a plus! As always, keep it locked to my twitch’s channel feed or twitter to know when I go live next!

Green Screen 5.17.18.PNG


Shout out~

Hey everyone!
Thank you to all the new follows. You all inspire me to keep up my content creation, and I review each user that follows this blog. Your support goes a long way.

I just wanted to give a shout out to fellow contributor, playerdandy! He goes by dandyTCG on YouTube!


He recently released a video describing changes to the Pokemon TCG meta for next year’s season! Check it out here

In case you haven’t been following me for long, I originally started this blog along the same time I was trying to get into the Pokemon TCG competitive scene. Some of my podcasts even reflect that time period. I also used to play Weiss Schwarz, an anime TCG. I’ve also tried out a couple digital TCGs as well. For those of you still in the game, happy collecting and competing! I look back to those days very fondly. If you like playerdandy’s content, make sure to shoot him a like or sub!


To green screen or not? My thoughts.

For those of you who have checked out my live stream sessions on Twitch, you know that I’ve created my own overlay for the channel. Since my stream quality and internet upload speeds aren’t godlike, I decided to make my game play window smaller. I also have a preference for the game play window to be as clear as possible; not cluttered with chatbox widgets and the like. However, I know that having a green screen would allow me to stack my webcam on the actual game play without too much of my background blocking the game play, so I’ve contemplated using a green screen.

It isn’t an easy decision because most green screens are “overpriced;” it’s much more affordable to build your own set up using fabric and pvc pipes. You could even just put green poster boards on your wall. Lighting is also a factor, without optimal lighting conditions, you’ll have an imperfect green screen effect on your stream or video. All of which would require me to reconfigure my whole room to have the best effect.

I’ve actually tried using a green screen before, back when I only streamed off the PS4’s native twitch app. It was fine, but my set up was really inefficient. I literally duck taped a blue snuggie from my wall to my camera tripod! Lighting wasn’t that great either, I ended up looking way more orange than I usually am irl…

I recently talked it over with my mod team and I had mixed feedback. Some said that the green screen does indeed make the stream look more professional, while others stated that it’s merely a preference. A common opinion was that backgrounds can give a streamer more personality.


I guess it’s a topic that will have to be revisited in the future; I’m going to stand behind the idea that it doesn’t make or break a stream. I have a close friend that also streams, and he doesn’t have a webcam; yet he’s more successful than me in terms of viewership!

Just sharing my thoughts on the subject. Catch you all next time!

Podcast Launch and Intro/Outro Decisions

I’ve already released two episodes of the “new” podcast. Click here if you’re interested in checking it out, there is also a link on the upper right corner of this blog.

I was originally pushing back the release date in favor of developing a new original sound clip for the opening and closing of the podcast. I was teaching myself audiotool, a very strong free website that allows you to make royalty free music. I wasn’t entirely happy with the progress or results of my efforts, so I consulted with my content support team. We all agreed that the previously used interview/group podcast intros were fine. I went in and cleaned them a bit in Audacity. They’ll be in use until I am able to develop a suitable replacement.

It’s a constant effort to better the quality of the podcasts. I’m all for progression, so I’m excited to what the future holds. On the back end, there have been many improvements to organization, editing techniques, and content overall. Stay tuned for when the next episode drops.


New Podcast Hosting Platform

I’ve always loved experimenting and producing Podcasts. Especially since it’s just plain fun recording discussions with friends. As a creator, one of the most appealing aspects of podcasts is the fact that you can record sessions ahead of their release date. Once you have all the assets built out, you can just focus on content. It’s different from live streaming because podcasts can be edited. There is no video or visual component (in it’s basic form, I’m aware that some of the bigger firms utilize a video format along side their audio).

As most of you know, I’ve been using the free account on Soundcloud to host my podcasts. I’ve long hit the max ceiling for uploads allotted for free accounts, so I’ve had to hide/delete previous recordings. Which was a bummer not only for me, but for those who have collaborated with me.

Through a sponsor, I’ve migrated to a new platform that will allow me to distribute my episodes to numerous more common outlets. Peep the link on the top right of this page to check out all of my “precursor” episodes.

I’ve already recorded several episodes and am currently editing them for release though. I’m also experimenting with a new opening and closing jingle using a new tool. Still learning it though, so it’ll take some time. Stand by for the official launch of the new show soon!


Twitch Stream Changes – Part II

Now to go in depth with the other major part of my twitch stream: the text panels below the actual broadcast. Stream Text
My apologies if the text is too small to read, I wanted to really just point out the new layout and simplified headers. If you want to read the actual text, please feel free to visit my twitch channel (link above on the top right of my blog).

I’ll go from left to right. First we have twitch’s (new) channel feed. It’s basically like a status update that streamers can post on to communicate with followers and friends. When posting, you can even set it to sync up with your twitter. It’s pretty useful because hashtags work and there’s a fat button with your account’s profile image that people can click on to reach your channel. I’ve chosen to use it now since I just think the functionality is pretty awesome; it definitely saves time before a stream goes live since I don’t have to have twitter open on another tab (Although sometimes the web page version glitches and fails to post on my twitter; the app version works fine anyway though).

I’ve went for simplicity and uniformity with the headers this time around. Initially I had the battle girl art from Pokemon as the image (see my previous post). At the time I just thought it was cool art; I had intended to stream either more Nintendo content or fighting games. I’ve been going for a teal/tiffany blue/mint/aqua theme, so therefore the headers follow my overlay’s color scheme lead. Since the Donate button is clickable, I wanted a subtle way to differentiate it from the rest of the sections. Therefore, I’ve added a gold glow around the text within the header.

In terms of textual content, I’ve either revised or updated all areas. The “Rules” have been moved to the top of the list. The “About” section is now streamlined and I’ve tried to avoid having too much verbiage. I’ve also included information about the loyalty program here (instead of having its own separate section). There is also a leader board that shows both current and all time Mango point accumulation for viewers. “Schedule” and “Donate” were cleaned up a bit. I’ve added a “Tech” section that shows some of the more important parts of my PC. I also added a “Goals” panel that just sets a framework for what I aim for the channel overall and upgrades to my tech.

Annnnnd that’s pretty much it. I originally wanted to talk about my transition to Streamlabs OBS in a third blog post, but I am currently having a lot of issues with it. So I’ll hold off on that for now. I’ll post again in the future with more updates regarding the channel. Stay tuned!

Stay safe everyone and happy gaming!