Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Event and My First League Challenge

I attended two Pokemon Pre-Release events towards the end of last month. I had never attended Pre-Release events for any trading card games. The only events I attended before were local weekly tournaments, side tournaments at conventions, and the occasional regional event (all of which were for Weiss Schwarz).  I’m not sure if it was merely the fact that the store I went to had a very healthy Pokemon TCG community, but it was crowded and hectic. The line that had formed outside the store prior to opening was  pretty long!

At Pre-Release events for Pokemon, you are required to build a 40 card deck with the cards your receive; 4 booster packs and a pool of sealed cards (which seemed to change depending on the promo card you pulled.) Energy cards are supplied by the tournament organizer and can be kept when the event is over. At the event, we were told that  we could have more than 4 x a specific card in our decks (referring to Pokemon and Trainer cards). Matches were to be played with only 4 prize cards, instead of the usual 6. The tournament would consist of 3 rounds. You were given a short time period  to construct your deck. At the conclusion of your rounds, you would be rewarded 3 additional booster packs for your participation.

I lucked out and was able to pull the Charizard promo, which was my main purpose of attending the event. The card itself was worth the most out of all the promos, and it had sentimental value to me due to owning a first edition holographic Charizard back in the day. The cards that were included with my Promo were a pool of fire and poison Pokemon. I opted to make a Poison/Colorless deck; since I figured it would be much more simpler and faster deck to play.

Nidoran male and his evolutions were my main attackers. I stalled with Ghastly and Haunter, with the rest of the Pokemon. My goal was to get Nidoking up as fast as possible, while hoping my opponent wasn’t running Psychic since it was my deck’s main weakness. I fought against a fighting deck structured around Hitmonchan, a double color deck with Mew and Clefairy, and a fighting deck with Machamp. I ended up completing the event without a single loss, beating most of my opponents because I was able to get Nidoking out quickly and sweep their team. In the end, it was all for fun since it didn’t count for points to qualify for Worlds. It was pretty awesome winning with the cards that I played with when I was a kid though. Included are pictures of my deck , and the cards I pulled! IMG_0749.JPGIMG_0750.JPGIMG_0751.JPGIMG_0752.JPGIMG_0753.JPGIMG_0754.JPGimg_0756IMG_0759.JPG


I ended up attending a second Pre-Release event as well. I pulled the Mewtwo Promo, which is the second most valued promo for the event. I piloted a deck centered around Poliwrath, but didn’t pull any great supplemental trainer/Pokemon evolution lines. I ended up losing all of my matches, but pulled a Full Art Mega Blastoise and Nidoking Break. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures  for that pool of cards. My main purpose of going to the card store that day was to enter my first League Challenge in preparation for the big regional tournament in December. Despite the format being standard and having to run cards that were less than optimum, I managed to pull a 4-2 win loss ratio. Not bad for a beginner!

Till next time! Happy Gaming!


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