Pokemon TCG and Evolutions Pre-Release

Hello Hello Everyone!

I decided to buy into Pokemon TCG and give the competitive scene a shot. My goal now is to place in the top percentage at a Regional placement tournament nearby. It has always been a long dream to actually perform well at the competitive scene for Pokemon. I’ve joined one VGC before, and watched another as a participant; school and life always used to get in the way though. I wanted to spectate at the Pokemon TCG World Championship Tournament this year, since it was actually very close by. However, with the delayed announcement that it wouldn’t be open to the public, my dreams were crushed.

My original purpose was to buy into the game as cheap as possible, but I soon realized that would only get me so far. I built a Charizard deck, but it didn’t perform as consistently as I liked. So after purchasing two sets of the Rayquaza vs Keldeo Battle Arena Decks (check out my overview here), I decided to single out cards to make one of the top decks. I also replicated it on the online format, so that I can go against a lot of the top decks in the meta. I am still testing my build out; I’ll hold comments back on which deck that I am building for now.

More details to come soon!



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