Pokemon Video Game Championship Series 2017 Season News


New rules for this year’s VGC format was released today via the Pokemon website. Rules state that all battles will be played with Pokemon Sun or Moon. It will be Double Battles and Alola regional Pokemon only. Z-Crystals (one time powerful moves) and Mega Stones are not allowed. These rules, as well as the Pokemon game play trailer released today, confirm that Mega forms are back in the game. This contradicts my initial assumption that Z Cystals would have replaced Mega Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y, as I stated in episode 2 of my Podcast.

Some legendaries and mythical Pokemon will be banned, including Solgaleo, Lunala ( the game mascots), and Magearna. Hopefully the legendaries that will be allowed  won’t be roamers, and will have 3 of the 6 Iv’s maxed already (like the event pokemon in X/Y and AS/OR). That will help immensely in soft resetting to get the right competitive forms. There is a 10 minute player time system, which I believe is a timer associated per player, and not an overall 10 minute clock a la fighting games like Smash Bros. (It has been awhile since I played WiFi battles so I’ll have to check). In whole, some sort of time limit is always welcomed to reduce slow play.

I’m definitely excited for these changes, and will be actually trying to compete this season. Luckily a regional for both TCG and VGC will be happening relatively close by, and hopefully I’ll be able to place in the top percentage. High hopes and a long road ahead, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Do any of you have plans to participate in this year’s TCG or VGC season?

Check out the official link for more information.




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