Twitch, YouTube, and Podcast Goals


Happy Friday!

I wanted to layout some of my goals that I currently have for my creative content. The goals for my Twitch will also be refined and posted on my information section on the channel. Always on the road of progression!


  1. Reach 100 Followers
  2. Qualify for at least one donation
  3. Find at least 2 more mods for the channel
  4. Find a decent Super Mario Maker Que System/Add-On


  1. Reach 100 Subscribers so I can qualify for a custom URL
  2. Start a Let’s Play series
  3. Upload a highlights video from my Zombi play through (currently under review for quality reasons, may be canceled)
  4. Attempt at least one game review


  1. Record one solo Podcast
  2. Record a Podcast with at least one guest
  3. Keep brainstorming relevant topics to discuss


Edited on 9.14.16 for completed/revised items


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