The end of my Facebook page

I spoke about this in my recent status update, but I just wanted to cover a bit more.

After some thought, I have decided to formally close my Facebook page. It was effective in what it was originally set out to do: push for initial support on my Twitch stream and YouTube channel. It also served as my original home base or hub for the rest of my content.

Just the face that it was on Facebook meant that it was easy to access for people. All you had to do is “Like” the page, and you would be notified whenever the page’s owner posted something. I am almost certain the content would also be pushed onto your news feed. It also carried the prestige and recognition that people associate with the brand of Facebook in general.

… but its super cluttered. Premium services are pushed on admins to help “advertise.” There are links to other “similar” pages; I just checked, and all the ones on the page are for restaurants – Huh? It is pretty limited in format, and you can’t have cool widgits linking to other social media platforms. Changing your URL carries limitations too.

I’ll just be happy to disconnect for awhile. I’m really liking my WordPress so far, hopefully it surpasses my original Facebook page in terms of being able to connect with my audience.


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