Last Night’s Live Stream


Finally streamed last night, the first of which in what seemed like an eternity. I have been going live from time to time this past month, but that was mostly to test out stream quality.I’m finally pretty satisfied with how the stream is presented. The next step is to organize the webcam and everything into a nice overlay. I’m hoping to get that finalized by today.

Thank you for all my regulars that came into the stream, I appreciate the love! I thought it was pretty fun starting contests for people to bet their “Mangoes” on; Mangoes are part of my viewer loyalty system. I will be brainstorming on better prizes to have for people in the future.

I am also looking for more mods to help regulate and populate the chat; if you’re interested, chat with me when I stream. We can talk over twitch messages after that point. I only have a few requirements for now:

  1. Be active in chat
  2. A regular viewer
  3. Help mitigate the chaos that can erupt from random viewers coming in and spreading negativity

I am still working on updating my stream schedule. For the best chance of catching me online, follow me on twitter. You can also bookmark this blog or follow me if you have  a WordPress account.

Last night’s stream can be viewed here: 9.6.16 Twitch Stream


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