Why are you trying to produce content?

Is a question I have received multiple times recently.

To be honest, this is a deep question that I want to address in a podcast episode once I record more dialogue. (Spent part of the day composing “music” to use an intro tune, so trust me its coming!) But I’ll give an answer here.

Story Time!

In high school, a group of close friends and I conceptualized a video production group. It was dubbed Juicebox Productions or JbP for short. We had high hopes in creating successful videos to both amaze and entertain millions of people (or at least our peers in school). We brainstormed entertaining stories about love and relationships that were relevant to our age group; we even created multiple scripts. We researched locales, sought out volunteer actors, and were consumed with the vision of creating works of art. As a group, we created a couple videos that honestly weren’t amazing and a bit random… but we had a blast making them.

During college, we went on to create a Valentine’s Day short. We also created a couple videos that were posted on our social blog to celebrate the holidays. But as the years went by, group participation and interest faltered. Academic and personal goals changed, and Juicebox Productions was put on the back burner.

From then to now, I created various videos for class and the organizations I was part of in college. I even made a full length video for my girlfriend at the time (which should have been a video for JbP now that I think of it). I was briefly also part of a YouTube channel that produced content revolving around trading card games.

So I guess what I do today is an ode to those greater years. My personal goal is to find that passion I had back in the day. I think its important to be passionate in something unique to you; especially when the easy way out is to just conform to trends. But maybe that is a new topic all together. I just figure there are worse waste to spend my time anyway.

That’s all for now! I’ll leave our original banner that we used on our old blog.

jbp banner

To those who have school and work tomorrow, best of luck! Till next time folks, stay frosty.


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