Happy Friday!~

Salutations again friends! Happy Friday!

Just finished recording some audio for a general status update on the channel and content network. Haven’t decided if I’ll post it as a raw audio file, or over some gameplay. Currently jammin’ to some Nujabes while brainstorming what to dedicate each of my channels/resources to.

I’m also trying to keep everything a lot more natural. I think I was sticking to a script too hard before. Obviously newscasters and other people that work with mainstream media all have scripts and teleprompters, but I don’t know if that’s the style I want to pursue. I like the idea of each audio piece being more of a natural conversation, even if it is somewhat one sided. I’m going to let more of the lip smacks and “uh’s and um’s” roll for now.

Also, not currently happy with any of my graphical assets; on this blog and twitch specifically. I’ll be working on that. I just love the recent Pokemon Worlds 2016 art so much!

Thas all for now. Till next time, lates.


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